The history and images of legendary cars and drivers

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Can you Foresee the Car of the Next Decade?

It is one of the most wonderful thing to thing about the type of  cars that will be invented from the next decades. These cars will be very amazing. The car that they will invent will have a sensor and planning activity. The sensor will be placed anywhere in the car. A car will not be changed physically. It will just be able to program things like flying and running following its path. The wheel will also have a sensor to distinguish a rough road from a soft road.

It can also say if the tire will be in bad condition so that the owner will think of changing it.  It can also sense what is in the environment. It can sense what is happening ahead, will there be a danger ahead or not? This type of car will be too much expensive. The car can plan its own way, it can see the state of the road whether it is a curve or straight so that it can move by itself.

The car of the next decade will no longer need a driver. Its program will drive itself. The danger is that if sensor sudddenly breaks down without the rider knowing it, then it will be in danger. The parts of the car will be automatically activated so that it will make itself stable. The program will tell the state of the car and also can say what is behind you. Like this, the car will have a sensor on its back, front, top and sides.

8 Rights of Public Transport and Truck Drivers

There are rights of public drivers that we should know. In fact, driving is not an easy job especially they are carrying tons of mass. Sometimes, public transport drivers and truck drivers are accused unjustly. These are their rights.

Driver is considered a proffessional

He is also a professional for his work. Well, this work is needed in the entire country.

A driver should have enough rest

A driver should not be abused with working. He should get enough rest whether he has lots of loads or not.

It is because the people will suffer for not having one. People are scared of drivers who are drowsy or sick.

A truck and public transport driver should eat well.

They have the right to eat well just as others are. They are also humans like us. Sometimes, because of busy work, the opt to escape meals. This should not be the case.

A driver is only accountable for the loses he caused

Not all accidents are caused by the drivers.

This is why he can only take the responsibility of paying whatever he lost.

He should also go home

Sometimes because of schedules, drivers could not even go home. This is why they tend to stay anywhere especially of there is no one who can shift with them. Companies should do something about this.

Pay should be just

There is a contract signed for work and the pay should be paid in accordance with what they agreed upon. Their work also heavy. In fact, they should be paind more.

5 Qualities to Consider when Buying a Car

If we are buying a car, we can cond=sider these qualities:

Engine Quality

Engine quality should be the top priority. Engine should have not been used in order that the engine can live longer with you. Finding a correct engine is the right one for you. If engine is not woking well, then the car will easily pass out.

2. Appearance

If your car appearance is trendy then it will be more expensive though it has the same quality with the others.

The life span of your car should be longer than usual.

3. Speed

How long can your car travel for a day? How many miles can your car run? The speed is different. What is the speed limit of the car. The speed of the car may affect the health of the car. The speed actually affects the cooling system of the car.

4. Cooler quality

If you are to choose a car, your should choose the new car. You have to check if the cooler is good.

Car overheat happens because the cooler can not bear it. This means that we have to take care of the cooler very well. Let the car rest under the shade after it has travelled for a long time.

5. Car Price

Pricing in car depends on the quality though not necessarily trendy. It is a principle that quality goods are actually expensive. Before you know it is high quality, you have to check them first. Do a research about the real price of a certain item.

6 Tips on Driving Lessons that you Need

Here are the tips on driving lessons that you need. Driving is not easy especially when you are in the stage of a beginner. This is who you do it.

Drive in an open road.

If you are learning how to drive, you have  to master it in an open road where there are no blocks on your way. On top of that, you will not meet any accident and there should none to be involved in the accident or you will be responsible on it.

Drive when you are fine. 

This is very important. You can not be driving or having your  lessons when you are fine. It is because driving when you are well might lead to an accident.

Drive during midday

Of course, for new learners, day time is the best to learn. You can also go to a place where thereare not much cars that will block you and practice safe-driving skills. You should learn how to do it well slowly but surely. This is a must.

Use a high quality car

Using a high quality car reduces the risk of accident. It is very normal for people to use low quality car for it is cheaper but safety is still more important since you are still beginning.

Practice Daily

If you want to become expert, practice daily so that you will be able to train yourself until you get all the skills that a driver a needs.

Don’t forget to check signs.

This is a must for drivers. Street signs are very much important to follow.

Featuring the green cars of America

It is now common to hear the word green pertaining to something or a movement or effort. Many people understand that green symbolizes a good environment or clean environment. Now the effort to make the environment a place to be healthy to live in and to make it suitable for living not just this present time but for the future is strong. Many have understood the impact and so they also make effort to support the cause and put into practice the recommended things to do.

That is why even in cars which produces pollution, there is the effort to lessen the effect that is evidence by green cars. It is not a just green building but also the cars who have much contribution to the pollution around the world. It is one that is used every day and it can be evidence of the many cars that have been developed and invented as green cars. You can see the list in the infographic that is above this paragraph.

You can see the eight models of cars that have been made. The green cars have been an effort that was already in the minds of people a long time ago but it was not much developed and produced. But in this time, you can be able to see more cars that have been made and they are becoming ready for mass production to be available to the public. The models’ sample came from Tesla, Ford, Kia, and other car companies.

The State of Death due to Car Accidents Worldwide

If you are leaving in an area where there is not much car accident, well you have to broaden you perspective towards car accidents. You might not be aware that there are about 1.3 million deaths that occur daily due to car accidents. The highest reason why there is a car crash accident is distractive driving. Most of people who are driving are using cellphones, calling someone or texting. This is why many people are lead to death because of one man.

For more information, among the population of all car deaths in the world, United States have one fourth of it because of driving while using phone. Another reason is driving while drunk. Another is reckless driving. This kind of negligence will bring bring them to death together with the people around them. It is really a law of driving not to use gadget while driving but men disobey it. Not only men but also women die because of this.  Women are better careful than men.

There are also violence that happens when riding a car. Most of case, this happens among youths. Actually, most of the deaths happens among youths of less than 20 years of age. It is concluded that they are reckless and negligent, not being careful of observing the rules of driving. It is one of the terrible things that the youths do. In the United States, distractive driving are fined for the first offense. In order to solve this problem, those who see it should point it out so that there will be no accident.

The State of Roadside Breakdowns in the United States

Why is there a car breakdown suddenly on your way? Why does your cars stops so suddenly? Top reason is overheat and battery laps, flat tires. In America, where car is a need, 60% of car bearers do not check their tire air pressure regularly. This may lead to flat tires on the way. Anothereis that there will be a sudden collapse of tire while the car is running. This is why it is very dangerous to be traveling with out checking this daily.

What if no one will help you?

65% of Americans do not check their battery. Actually, this is one of the most important that we have to check because our concern here is security. If our car stops in the middle of the road? If we are overtaking and suddenly the car stopped? Perhaps, this will serve as a lesson for us to check our car battery regularly. Batteries does not drain easily but we have to keep in mind the regular check ups.

It is an effort to always inspect your car before using. Car owners have to be three times more careful than any other people. It is because there are so many car accidents that happens on the road for different reasons. One is brake and crash. It is most probably when people are drunk, they do things on their own way so they get accident. In America, ca breakdown on the roadside occurs frequently. This is because they neglect checking their battery and other car parts.

Awareness of Car Maintenance and Security

Cars are actually needed in our life. Those who have cars may neglect their part to take care of their cars in times of busyness. Of course, there are moments we come to take care of our cars for safety and security. There is a saying that there is danger behind silence. So although our car does not speak of its illness, we have to check have them checked up at most once a month. With a long time of using a car, they also get weak.

What to be careful the most is the engine oil, cooling systems and brake. If not, you already know what will happen when you are not prepared. Brakes and cooling systems are very dangerous to neglect. This is why brake cheking is very important. Cooling system somewhat naturally grows weak after long time of using cars. Cars should be replaced as time passes by. Cars that are always used daily for long trip have higher tendency to grow weak.

This is because car engine varies from what kind of car we bear.

If we need to clean the exterior of the car, we must do it. This is one way to show our care to the car. Another thing that we can do is to replace all the replaceable parts such as windshield, side mirrors, tires and so forth and so on. When we do this, our car looks new day by day. Guidance is a give and take relationship between you and your car.

3 Different Types of Car Accidents you must be Careful of

The number of car accidents is growing continously without even if we ourselves are trying to be careful in our daily life. Let us see what are the common types of accidents that we have to watch out.

1. Environmental Fault

There are accidents that happens on the road due to the environment. While you are driving, a debris from above suddenly strike you or falls before you. This cases may happen on the mountain roads where there is always a falling debris, and even big rocks.

We can not avoid this situation since it is a natural phenomena.

2. Driver’s Recklessness

There are so many types of driver’s recklessness. It can happen when things like the driver is drunk, the driver might be sick, the driver might be out of focus and the driver is no good. This will lead to a car acccident sucha s bumping to other car or turning opside down or falling off. This usually happens when the principles of driving are not practiced.

3. Animal fault

This may happen when suddenly an animal suddenly appears before you and you try to avoid but its already too late. This is why in this case, just bump on them or you will die. Save the animal or save yourself. It must be a practical choice to apply.

4. Disaster

It is already natural for men not to travel during disaster’s strike. This means we should have a weather updat before proceeding with the plan of driving of disaster will lead you to accident.

The helpful guide when taking a road trip

Roadtrip is one of the good things that people with a car and knowing how to drive and also a little repair knowledge can be able to do. They have the advantage of being able to travel as it is not easy and it can be expensive. If your car broke down or something happened but you do not know anything about it then you could be able to be uncomfortable and will cause a delay in your plan and travel. But going on a road trip is fun.

You can see in the infographic the places that are recommended for you to visit during your road trip. It is only in the part of the Southeast. You may be looking for the place you know but not located in the said direction then you cannot see it. There are many places in the United States alone to be able to visit. They have their own strengths and beauty that makes them a place of interest. One of the places above is the Historic National Road.

Having a road trip may be the dream for many but the challenge that many faces are the budget that they will use going there. That is why saving is very important because if there is no action then it would just be a dream. That is why if you want to fulfill your dream then make effort to save. You can save by not having expensive snacks. Eat in your home instead of outside. Simple things can add up.